AUDI RS3 8P - 390hp/550nm

I have been riding with this AUDI RS3 8P for some time now. Bought it with only 5'000km back in Summer 2017. After having a S3 of the same build I was completely blown away how much more fun a RS is than a S model. But my luck should not last long. After just a couple of months I was not able to accelerate the car fast from 0 to 60. It was like the fuel got cut off at around 4500 rpm. After endless investigation and loosing 1000k to a local "official" shop I've decided to bring the car to AMSTEC motors where the guys were able to identify that the problem was the fuel pump. After getting the v2 model fuel pump and some G sensor replacements the car is now living up to its full potential on an "ABT" software tune. Nearly 400 hp are pushing into the tarmac.

The car is now looking a bit different then on the pictures below. I've painted the grill and the "aluminium" parts in black matte. That was actually a mistake as painting over chrome like plastic will never stick. So after some thought I let the grill wrap in black matte too. This was the time when I actually got interested in car wrapping. For now, enjoy the pictures and there might be more to come.

Common flaws on this specific model are the fuel pump, the G410 sensor, the high pressure fuel pump and last but most annoying - the front brakes. Man, I had to change them after 25'000km because one disc has deformed in the summer while driving through Italy. The break pedal was kind of banging my foot when I was breaking so after an inspection they told me I would need to replace the discs. Lucky me I was in Serbia at that time so the total cost was around CHF 2.5k with labor. In Switzerland I would have to pay from 3.5k upwards, easily. Depends on if you want to bring your car to AMAG or not. But I'm degressing. Have fun with the pictures.

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