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Owning a Twingo 3 is a fun expirience. You get features that the big ones have, but other features are missing. One that is particularly annoying is the semi-automatic window mechanism. You have to press and hold the button until the window is fully closed or open. That’s why I searched the net for a solution and came across PEKATRONIC’s website. They offer a soft touch module (called OTE) that will enable you to just tip with your finger once and the window goes up or down automatically.

You will need a unit for each window, in our case two.  

The instructions are pretty clear but not really helpful during install. This is because this unit is the generic one. There are specific car type ones but the Twingo is not among them. To help you out with the wiring I draw the scheme for you. Hope you find it helpful!

The orange connectors I’ve used are from WAGO. Expensive but the best you can get.

If so, leave a comment below.