Your websites fingerprint changed and your’re getting a SSL error message

I had a little issue with my self hosted mail lately when the fingerprint of my domain changed. Suddenly I didn’t received any e-mail anymore. After checking the logs I’ve seen a message that said something along the lines of SSL3_GET_SERVER_CERTIFICATE validation failed error.

I’d like to show you how I’ve fixed that. 

By issuing fetchmail -v command against your domain name you will get the fingerprint information. You might need to enter your passwort for that.

$ fetchmail -v

In the output search for the line fingerprint: and copy the hex string. Now edit /etc/fetchmailrc and add the following line, if not already there:

$ ssl sslfingerprint "xx:xx:..."

Now restart fetchmail:

$ service fetchmail restart

Your mail should now pour in again. 🙂